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Yunus Emre with Urdu Subtitles

Hello viewers! From here you can watch Yunus Emre with Urdu Subtitles in the best quality for free. We are providing the best Turkish Islamic and historical dramas in Urdu for free to our audience. Yunus was horned in Eskişehir, the city of Anatolia (Turkey). Then he went to Konya, the capital of the great Seljuk Empire. He studies there at one of the best schools. He studied Hadith, logic, Islamic studies and law there. Then, he was appointed as a Judge in a province. So, he went to that province and took the charge there. But there was a Sheikh living in that province. So, the people loved him. But Yunus didn’t firstly. But after some time, he became a follower of the Sheikh.

He left the duty of Judge and went to the lodge and became a follower. So, Sheikh told him about the path of God, oneness, Islam, and religious things. This affected him so much. Also, he experienced many other things as well. Later, he married Sheikh’s daughter. Also, he became the father of two children. So, he became Yunus Emre from Judge Yunus. So, now people of Turkey and all over the work know him as a great spiritual poet. Also, there is an institute of his name in Turkey for teaching and learning the Turkish language. So, this was the introduction of this drama serial. It is created by Mehmet Bozdağ, the creator of Diriliş Ertuğrul and Kurulus Osman. So, we hope that you will like it and enjoy it. Thank you so much for watching it here. So, keep watching and enjoying!