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Yunus Emre Episode 9 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 1

Yunus Emre Episode 9

Hello viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 9 with Urdu Subtitles. This is the ninth episode of Season 1. Or lay that arrow and deliver. Do you take me as a fool? I will kill you without any hesitation. Even I spare you like you won’t let me go. I know your intention. Stop, let the traitor may feel the pain. Are you thinking about going after him? Are you all right? You are smiling today, what is the reason? Can you tell me? Sometimes we are not sad because not the good things happen but bad things do not happen, my daughter. Can I take your place? Yes, of course, you can. And our friends delivering our Ashura, Ali. Are you’ve mentioned, they will not leave anyone. That’s brilliant news. Are the people start gathering in the lodge? Yes, they have started and they are so crowded. Alright.

Yunus Emre Episode 9

It has been a prosperous year. God helps us. You can speak clearly, what’s a problem, say it. Our friend Yunus has not come back yet. He will back on any of these days. He has the sense that he is on an important mission. Fatima, have washed them? I have completely washed them with soup. We’re almost the host of the lodge, let’s not make our friend wait a long time. What is happening in this village? We have to hurry up and treat him. While we were hunting a strange hunter’s arrow shoot me. Is it any order left in this world? It’s not crystal clear who’s a hunter and who’s the prey. Only those who have been shot know the pain a deer suffer. So, we were just leaving for the lodge. If the Yunus doesn’t save me.

I would have died of blood loss. But no one dies of blood loss. They die when the time came. You should keep your wound covered with a clean cloth. We should not think of who arrives on time but the one who sends him. I cannot face the face of our teacher before completing the mission. Let my pain pass a little bit more. Then we will get to it in the morning. But I will go and get the tools. Daughter, will you stay over at sister sultan or come back home? If I stay it will brilliant. So, our sheik is our friend. Our doors are widely open for each other. Good, if I am to stay I will let you know after the meeting. Is it crowded this year or not? So, this is Yunus E

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