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Yunus Emre Episode 44 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 44

Hello viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 44 with Urdu Subtitles. This is the last episode of Season 2 and this drama. It comes to like him. When it comes to talking from this branch then find the palace. Where I threw this scepter. we will be leaving this fool world. Say bye to the ones who are left behind. Pray for me to be healed. Say bye to those who pray. Only death can not break our back. Do not make us tell. Say something to those who have asked how we were when I was sick. Keep my skin clear. Cut a collarless to be shirt out. Say hi to whoever brought us happiness. What can do to claim our lives? Our blood in our vessels. We will have our show. Give happiness to those who enshroud. We have been visiting our family and friends.

Yunus Emre Episode 44

We could not reach our goals. For the prayers. Three springs came and gone. We passed away, thank God. We arose from the died we became a fountain. So, we recoiled just because of a flood. We flow, filled into the sea. We overflowed, thank God. Just as Ahmad translated those to Arabic who came before us, whom our sheik had put into seclusion. At the end of forty days, my teacher took him from seclusion. He guided us by explaining that sensual mode Animal that I saw in my life. When I was in seclusion we went to the rural area together with the Hungarian dervish. Bas George Mustafa came to the lodge. To offer Yunus. Where is Ibrahim. he plays there. We should also prepare food for your father. We could have a bowl of water my beautiful daughter. I forgot the pot.

While you are sitting, I can go and take it. So, this is Yunus Emre Episode 44 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank you so much for watching it here. We hope that you have enjoyed this drama because it is the last episode of it. Keep watching and Enjoying! Thank you so much!

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