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Yunus Emre Episode 42 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 42

Salaam viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 42 with Urdu Subtitles. So, you can watch it in HD quality here free of cost.

I have a humble request. If you allow me don’t mention it. My son sick for a Month. His disease becomes incurable. I have gone to every person. Every doctor but his disease is not ending. What do you want from us? Tell us, please. I want that you pray for my son to be healed. Please pray for him I am in trouble. I have a feeble animal I will give it to you. No need. I do not want to. It is restricted. I don’t it will be approved or not? But it’s my duty so I’m doing it. When I lived back against the tree it regrets us. I want to know why? When I woke up my wife sister sultan has gone. I hit the road to tell my dream to our teacher. I want to ask for an interpretation of the dream immediately.

That horse is mine go and get it to me.

I will not keep quiet. I will conserve till I go to the grave. But not now. After that, we go to that mentioned village. I hope our faith will be good. Tell us who are you searching for? We are looking for a man in this village. master. But I don’t know his name. What do you want from him? Nothing bad don’t worry. There is a beautiful mark on his face. I know him you are searching Osman. I hope nothing’s wrong. No No. You rest I will call him. Thank god. We will get the horse ready. Did you bring him? Did you check it well? Is it injured? Okay, dress its wounds. Is there a journey? Do we eat every day in a year because of a journey? It is tongue-tied.

Never let him be famished or thirsty. Our teacher saved its life even though it was a horse. So, this is Yunus Emre Episode 42 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank you so much for watching it here. Watch and enjoy!

Yunus Emre Episode 42

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