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Yunus Emre Episode 38 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 38

Hello viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 38 with Urdu Subtitles. Come in Yunus Efendi. It is good that you all are here. Of course, it will not happen. So, what are you thinking? But I didn’t say that our ears heard anything. I accept whatever you say. Let it be. That arrow is the truth. Well, who will apologize? So, we must do something, Yunus. Mother, where are you going? Sister was sick. I am going to see her. So, nice to see you. How do you understand this, Qasim? I do not know the reason but I know about you. Our master invited you to dinner. But why? I do not know. So, you do not know? Thank you but I am in hurry. Sit a bit, please. So, we can talk about some matters. So what is needed to implement the design of mind?

You are right. Do your job. Yes, sir. If someone is resisting, dismiss him! With pleasure, Sir. Come here please. Thank you. You heared some heavy words beacuse of me. I am sorry, Yunus Efendi. Don’t worry, brother. He taught humanity to trade. Shiekh was at market place. But the men of mayor were at the Lodge. So, your shops are same. The issue is to produce. Do you understand what I said? Yes, my Shiekh. So, what are you thinking. about? We are thinking about you, my Shiekh. Is everything Okay? Why are you in such a hurry? The men of mayor came, my Shiekh. What are you saying? But I saw with my own eyes. Let us go tegether, Sheikh. I understand now. Why you are here, fellows? Let it be. This is Yunus Emre Episode 38 with Urdu Subtitles. Thanks you so much. Watch and Enjoy!

Yunus Emre Episode 38

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