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Yunus Emre Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 1

Yunus Emre Episode 13

Hello viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles. This is episode 13 of Season 1. Let us go for boiling the rice. We have heard some essential things, my teacher. As Yunus returns, so does the judge Yunus return. Is there anyone in this world who does not return, Habib? Just look up and see the whole world. The moons turn, the sun turns, star turns, planets turns. The universe turns. All the heavens turn. Of course, he did. All return, would Ahmad not return. How can I not implement the law just because you know him? I do not just know I vouch for him. I heard you are attending the lodge but you spoke like his followers. We ate soup from the same plate for many years. It is a matter of state, Ahmad.

How do you want it from me? Tell me what he is accused of. How can you say without knowing anything that it is slander? What do you want to hide the crime or to stop the investigation? We told you the mandate from Malaysia can not arguable. You should not objects to our superiors. Our superiors also have superiors too. Ahmad. We know that too since we are. Do you implement the law to a slander? So what they are saying about us? You travel the marketplaces, villages and some other places. They ask why our teacher does not give any talks. My Ahmad. Let them do what they want and not what they haven’t done. My father will never tell his troubles to anyone. His duty is to be the remedy for others’ trouble.

Yunus Emre Episode 13

You are an educated person who knows about the law. Even if my teacher knew how he wouldn’t go there. Maybe you would do something about it while you still have time. You care for our life, thank you for your favor. But does the life that belongs to us that we would try to protect? I do not give or take what is not belong to me. But like everyone, we have a body too. I wish someone wish to take it then he would come and collect it. Let us free from this huge burden. Learn the love from a small ant. This is how you will face difficulties in this way. An ant can crash a lion into the ground. This is the realm of truth. This is how things work here.

But you need to solve my every problem which I report to you. So, this is Yunus Emre Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank you so much for watching it here. We hope that you will enjoy this episode. Keep and watching and enjoying! Thank you!

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