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Yunus Emre Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 1

Yunus Emre Episode 10

Hello viewers! Here is Yunus Emre Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles. This is the tenth episode of Season 1. I have so many mysterious things to tell you. Mother is reciting the Holy Quran. You go, I will join you later. Tell me, what is the important news you have brought? When if I tell you, you won’t believe in my sayings. Everyone is here and waiting for our word. The gathering will start soon, tell me so I don’t make wonder anymore. Yunus came to my father’s consulting area. When? When I went home, daytime. What’s wrong with you, you’re telling me fake news. He was not ill I saw him with my own eyes. He was walking healthy wealthy. No, he was not coming for him. He brings someone. Who was he? A little injured girl. What are you saying, who was she.

She was she? She was sick. But this not important. After they came our blacksmith came. He was injured by a stranger’s arrow while hunting. Tell me what else happened? What do you hear and see? Ashur day has finally caught up to its name, friend. Why do you stay so behind, doctor? You’re our best fellow. Come ahead so we can see your lighting face. You have to set up with doctors. Doctors are Azrael’s agent. They have thrown forty types of grass in forty different pots and cooked it for forty days. For what purpose? If the ego is not burned it deceptive. The goose symbolizes ego, not too afraid of them. It wants food and comfort but not a burden. But it wants too much everything with lusting. It moves around anything that’s joyous. If you boil it, will it not boil?

Yunus Emre Episode 10

We add fifty types of nuts into Ashura boil them, in the huge pots. Fifty symbolized things. Our teacher does it with twelve kinds of nuts. You have told you before that it represents the twelve imams. What is the job of the imams? Whom are they working for? The job is to represent unity. Now they never stay “come here I have many miracles”. What did his holiness Ahmad Yesevi, say? They wear a turban and start searching for followers. They have no knowledge about what they do and see. I won’t dare to teach manners to men who are masters like yourself. I would be highly ashamed. What’s that, teacher? Have I done something bad in my trading? Is an Ahi’s duty just begin right about his trading? So, this is Yunus Emre Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank you so much for watching it here. Thank you!

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