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Kurulus Osman Episode 46 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 46

Salaam viewers! Here is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 46. This is the episode of Season 2. Did you find my brother? No, but we are looking for him everywhere. Are you okay? I am fine. Suddenly something hit the glass. Stop asking about it. What are you talking about, man? What are you doing here? So, you are following me now? No, I just came here to help you. But I do not need your help. Get out of my life. What do you mean it is not? Do you saw the tribal chief? Yes, I saw him yesterday. But he was fine. Is that so? I do not know. Maybe he went back to his home. No, I don’t think so. But why? I thought maybe I can convince her if we speak face to face, mother. We do not what can happen in our lives. Yes.

So, we have to found them. Thank you. They must be busy. We should go back. Because they are behind us. We can leave now. You can not protect your landlord. But why? I need an answer. We apologize, princess. But I will make you pay. It is because of you. You are guilty, understand? Can I come in, uncle? Come in, nephew. But the question is where is Osman? The landlord was dead. Are you sure? Look, son. Listen to me carefully now so you may understand this matter. Andreas kidnapped Burcin and Aygul from the tribe. Because they wanted to take revenge on their landlord. This will not be enough. May it be easy. So, they kidnapped Aygul and bring her to the castle. But Osman was also in the castle. You are welcome here. Thank you.

But we have heard unpleasant things, chief.

But we have heard unpleasant things, chief. So, what are they? We will come to you but you get the jump to us. What are you saying about it? Raise the measure in the whole castle. Osman escaped from the prison. Because he got the kay of the lock. He killed several soldiers. So, we are one step ahead of our enemy. Osman and his soldiers were in the forest. Suddenly, a man came to them. But he was his own soldier. I understand that you want Osman, not me, chief. So, you think that huh? Take them away. Catch all of them. The soldiers came but Osman was also with them. Thank God. We would do the same, chief. This is our tribe. Nobody can interfere with us. What do you say? You are right. But what about Osman. Then he will take revenge on my son. Hopefully. Thanks.

So, Osman left the castle? One of his soldiers has come and informed us. But how can he leave? We do not know. Find wherever he is. As you order, chief. Let’s go. Suddenly, Bala Hatun came and convey his father’s message. Because he wanted to meet Osman. On the other hand, Sofia told her master that she couldn’t protect his secrets. But he forgave her. Because she was his daughter. There is a spy between us. So, we have to find him. I understood, master. We will learn who is he? We will find that traitor among us very soon. I hope so. Bala came to his father’s place with Osman. He met with Shiekh. You asked for the truth. This is the way. Who are you? You will learn soon.

It is about to happen, my brother.

It is about to happen, my brother. Let’s go and attack the castle. Wait, we can not do it like this. So, what we have to do? We have to make a strong plan first. It was important that you believed in yourself. Also, we should not forget your loyal grandchildren. But we will keep you for some more days here. But we have not so much time to do that. Do we have to do this without telling anybody? If we do not go now, it will be too late. What can I do now? So, this is review of Kurulus Osman Episode 46. We hope that you will like this review. Thank you so much for reading it here. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends and loved ones. We will continue to provide you best stuff of reviews. Keep reading and enjoying!

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Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali
7 months ago

Great Episode of Kurulus Osman

Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan
7 months ago

Thank you Kayiler!

Zafar ALi
Zafar ALi
7 months ago

Thanks very much ❤️

Kamran fahad
7 months ago

Thanks very much 💞

7 months ago

Wow amazing KO.