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Kurulus Osman Episode 44 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 44

Hello viewers! This is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 44. This is the episode of Season 2. What are you trying to do? Answer me. So, who are we? We should go now. Because they are following us. You are right, ky brother. Come here. So, I will show you how to fight. Do you think it is so easy? I will make you pay for all of your bad things. Understand? What is going on here? They came to our castle as musicians. No, he is wrong. So, what are you doing here? We came here to bring our brothers back to our tribe. Very funny. Are you still here? Leave this place right now. I am going to kill you. Come on. But what I am going to do with this now? What’s wrong with you? What do you mean? I am the tribal chief.

0Bala was kidnapped by Salvador and his men. Because it was an order of their master. Do not touch her. They attacked the market and kidnapped her. But Osman was behind them to save her. He came back to the tribe. Everyone in this tribe will know he will end up like this. As you say, my brother. We will go tomorrow and find her. We do as they order. Forgive us, master. You must do your duties. But do not worry, my brothers. I will also solve this matter. Tell me now. Why did you put the dagger on your cousin? What will happen now? What will be the end of this issue? He betrayed us. And this is the punishment of the traitors. Did you become a judge huh?

So, you have to obey my orders.

So, you have to obey my orders. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of this tribe. Is it clear or not? As you order, chief. We changed our plan due to the current situation. Absolutely. But why we changed our previous plans, chief. It is impossible to tell you everything. Don’t bother yourself, uncle. Give it to me. No problem, my son. I can do this. Thank you so much. You are welcome, my uncle. Can I come in, master? Yes, come in. What did you call me? Increase the number of soldiers at the castle. But why, master? Just do what I say. Do not ask questions, understand? Yes, my master. Very nice. So, join your duty. Alright. So, we are sure that they would not get in the way? We have to make a plan. Yes. We are sure.

You should be scared but not me. This happened because of you. Let’s go, my son. Because we have not so much time. Also, we have to find those men. You are right but we have to wait. But why we have to wait. We can go and catch them now. I don’t think so. They will be ready for our attack. But we will raid at night. We have to save Bala from their hands. So, this is your plan? Master tortured the daughter of Shiekh. But she didn’t speak. He wanted to know the secrets. But she didn’t reveal any of them. They were hidden in a cave. But Osman was trying to find them. On the other hand, Sofia caught the spy in the castle. She also tortured him. She is acting wired recently. Those incidents affected her, mother. Tell me the truth. She can not say.

hen, why are you not telling me?

But I know it. Then, why are you not telling me? What do you know, my daughter? That she loves Osman, mother. You came here as a guest. I am not like the animals in the forest. What are you doing? Put your swords down. How can you do this, tell me? How can you put the sword on your brother? You will see that you can not hide secrets. How could he escape from your tribe? Where are your brave soldiers? Mind your own business.

Also, watch your words. I have the cure of this poison. Or she will die in three days in pain. I had a dream last night. So? It really confused me. I hope for good to come from it. I hope so. So, this is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 44 in the best quality. We hope that you will like it. Thank you so much for reading it here. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Keep reading and enjoying!

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