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Kurulus Osman Episode 43 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 43

Hello viewers! Here is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 43. Then we should sit and wait. Stop! Bamsi Bey is hospitable. Does he like you? They cannot drink Serbet. Why? Because I drank it. So, you came here to thank me? Yes, because you and Ertugrul Bey saved us from bandits. You don’t know me, but I can never forget you. You fought bravely today. No matter how hard you exercise, a real fight is different. But two of our days will not be equal. A bunch of men with faith who are ready to destroy the enemy. Yavlak Arsalan said to Osman Bey. May God protect you. Thank you so much. Many poor people have food now. He would be so happy. Shiekh went to perform hajj. Osman Bey ordered David Bey to change the flags. Open the doors. Why did you change our flag? Tell me.

The tribal chief gave the hunter to the princess. But as you wish. So you are that famous Selcan Lady. I think he will be happy to see you in the tribe. We give value to our relatives, Princess. It is not done yet. Of course, you won’t say a thing about me. So, this was your plan? Did it surprise you, Osman? I am the only one who knows you. I am pleased to meet you. It was an honor for me to meet a lady like you. Thank you? But I have to go back now. So, wait for my sign. And then attack them. As you order, my master. The minister with the tribal chief was in the castle. Because they wanted to do an agreement. Alright.

Let’s go. But the Princess wanted the execution of Osman.

Let’s go. But the Princess wanted the execution of Osman. Because she blamed him for the murder of the governor. You are reading the articles very carefully. I will take revenge on my brothers from you. So, you took these enemies and bring them to the tribe? Yes, we did it. Also, these are the killers of your son. So, you can take your revenge now. You did a great job, boys. It is not so easy. I would’ve been dead by now. We are on the right way. Do you know how you hurt my father? What are you saying? I tried to become the justice but I should’ve fought for justice. We will be happy to see you. There are things that your father wants to talk about. I am listening, father. Do you give permission for that? As you wish, father. I knew you will say this.

But I acted according to the situation. So, you are Osman? I have no one else except for you. You are like our mother. Why did you come here? Sit down. I have things to tell you, my daughter. I wanted to talk to you about this matter. So, what did you decide? They will go to the forest and see around. So that this is the order of my master. I will obey his order. So, we all have to obey you. Osman and his friends got into trouble. They were trapped by Salvador. Where is Osman? We found dead soldiers and injured ones in the forest. They took them captive. Are you sure? What are you saying, my son?

Or the trader is looking for a friend.

Or the trader is looking for a friend. Of course, we made our agreement with Osman Bey. But if something happens to Osman Bey, anything can happen to us on these lands. What is your idea? Thus, my father told this. They want you to accept this as a symbol of friendship. Alright. Coming in whenever you want, take whatever you want? Bayhoca became a prisoner in the castle. Because Flatius watched him. But Osman saved his soldiers. But he left Bayhoca at the castle. Nikola sent a letter to Osman. He wanted Kulucahisar castle for his nephew. Otherwise, he will kill his nephew. On the other hand, Savci and Lena were so much worried. Lena was so much angry with Osman. Because she thought that Osman is responsible for this. This is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 43. Read and Enjoy. Thank you so much!

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