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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 42

Hello viewers! This is Kurulus Osman Episode 42 with Urdu Subtitles. You are wrong. I held a weapon at night. Because I am a Kayi bey. I am the son of Savci bey. He is right about the last part Savci. He is a Kayi Bey. Gunduz tells this Savci that Bayhoca is right. Because he is insisting to go to the battlefield. But his mother and father do not agree on it. And he will live his own destiny. He wants to be like his Uncle Osman bey. Osman bey went to Sogut and help the poor people at night. We have started the lessons of our kids with my Gunduz brother without your knowledge today. You did so well my brother. You don’t need any permission for such a good deed. No one can break our unity. May our affection be everlasting. Ameen.

Kumral Abdal comes to Osman Bey.

Kumral Abdal comes to Osman Bey. I have much to carry. What is the secret? Don’t ask me. Forgive me, Osman Bey. You brought joy to my tent. Not at all. Not at all. Come on. It is huge. Thank Allah. Thank Allah Osman Bey. This kind of tent at this time is very rare. Osman bey saw Ertugrul bey in his dream. Because he left a will for Osman. But Osman was worrying about Bala Hatun. Because Ertugrul bey ordered him to marry another woman. He was sad due to this will. But he has to fulfill it because it was his father’s will. Also, he saw another woman carrying a baby in his tent in his dream. My will Osman! My will! Also, Osman bey took revenge for the murder of his friend bey Hasan Bey. Read and enjoy the episode. Thank you!

Don’t worry Kalanos. Ertugrul Bey planted the seeds of this agreement. But his brother Dundar wants to be the person who does it. Of course. He wants to show his power to everyone. This is a charm that will protect my lovely husband. I am a lucky man. Stars worried my last night. Don’t worry about me, Sofia. But you should take precautionary measures. It can’t be accepted, Gunduz Bey. It can be, Commander Kalanos. How, Osman Bey? Every word of yours is valuable for me. Kindly continue. Thus, there will be no issue about the compensation. Osman, men hold swords and older ones say the words. But what you did?

He is waking up

He is waking up. But we have not so much time. I was tiring. But being chosen for a holy duty took our tiredness away. How is our master? Is he healthy? Yes. He is curious about the castle. He was targeted because he is near to Turks. I beg you. Talk to me. I can do everything you want. Because I loved you. I am suffering, Kalanos. I want to be with you, Kalanos. But what can we do, Sofia? Allow me. Bamsi is a father of a martyr. Aybars became a martyr. Due to the injuries in the attack. Sofia’s father wants the death of Tekfur. I know everything.

So, you don’t need it? No problem, we’ll go to the opposite side. So, what will you say? We are not your enemies. So, you are Osman’s soldiers. He will come here for you. We will be strong again. They also took our swords. There will back a weak point in that castle. What are you thinking about? We will raid the castle tomorrow. I have decided to go there. We will also come with you. No, you will stay here and protect the tribe. As you wish, my brother. So, he came with a bunch of men. Does he think he can defeat us? So, this is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 28. We hope that you will like this review and enjoy the whole article. Thank you so much for reading it here. Keep watching and Enjoying!

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