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Kurulus Osman Episode 41 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 41

Hello viewers! This is the Review of Kurulus Osman Episode 41. Cerkutay tells Bamsi I always liked you. Bamsi also replies now I started liking you Cerkutay. Abdul Rahman Gazi came with Cerkutay and saved Bamsi Bey. Damn you, Osman! Petrus was watching them. But they lost the information which they want. Osman slapped Goktug. Because Flatius ran away from the tribe. So, Osman kicked out Goktug from the tribe. On the other hand, Targun gave poison to Bala Hatun. But Osman understood her game and also kicked Targun from the tribe. Targun Hatun do not tire me. Osman said. Accept your guilt. I am not guilty. Why would I accept it? Would a Muslim lie? Did you believe it? I wanted to believe. I wanted to win your favor because I love you, Osman Bey. You will not come to this tribe again! Go!

Osman went to the forest. You worked hard. Come with me. But where we are going? You will see. Osman met the head and talked about the war. I was invited by you. But do you know yourself, Osman? Where is Osman? What is your problem with me? You will see yourself very soon. I can take that. As you wish, lady. Governor and his men attacked the tribe. They killed people and went back. I have 50 soldiers who can help you. Because you are at war with Byzantine. They hate you. Maybe we’ll help you at that time. What do you say? We don’t need you and your men.

My son. How dare you to bring my son like a captive?

My son. How dare you to bring my son like a captive? We brought your son the way he deserved. Like a mad dog. You were looking for traitors. Here he is. Rome’s brave sons. Today the day for our honor. Victory is ours! While Geyhatu is in the tribe. Nikola attacked Kulucahisar. Because Kayis are dealing with Geyhatu. I wouldn’t believe both sides. Because words hide intention. I gave my life to you. Stop! Do you have any proof? Tell me that. They are lying. So, they are lying? Right? Say salam to Ertugrul Bey. His brave sons can stay on these lands like a mountain. I see. So, I am going back. But I couldn’t bring Cerkutay. Because Flatius took him to the castle. But I will bring him soon. Tell me.

For how much longer will you listen to Osman Bey? Yavlak saif to Gunduz and Savci. Because he doesn’t like him. I am certain that is not so, brother. Let’s wait a time. If he went to the castle, he will pay for it. Turks are coming. But why? Open the door. I am Osman Bey son of Ertugrul Gazi. So, you three came to take the castle back? You will see. They offer gold to Nikola. But Nikola didn’t agree. So, they make hostage Flatius. But Nikola was not expecting this. We can get our brothers and sisters. Set the captives free. No, Nikola, no. Are we going to arrest him? My decision is final. Osman came to the tribe. What if Osman does something without your knowledge? Don’t worry, Arslan Bey. So you say. But it happened before, Savci Bey.

Because I have spies everywhere.

Because I have spies everywhere. Tell me about Osman. Because he is the biggest obstacle in our way. His father put the dagger on our hearts. But his son. His eyes remind me of a predator. He already stabbed the dagger on our hearts. Also, Tekfur Yorgopolus didn’t die. I want Tekfur’s body and Kalanos’s soul tonight. Davud Bey told Osman bey that Dundar bey went to meet Nickola. Saltuk sent the news about Dundar bey. Because he was not happy with his deeds.

Uncle! How dare you do this without asking me first? How dare you disobey me like this? So I had seemed like I was disobeying you. Don’t worry uncle. There will not remain a single traitor in the tribe. I will kill all of them. Swords are the beloved ones of warriors. But Cerkutay you have to love. You have to love someone. I wish. Osman bey invited Turk Beys of the border. But Nickola sent Flatius and he killed them. Yavlak Arsalan also came to Sogut and met Osman Bey. Osman Bey! Selamun Aleykum. Ve Aleykum Selam Yavlak Bey. May your beylic be blessed, Osman Bey. I’ve just received the news. Thank you Arsalan Bey! This is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 41.

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