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Kurulus Osman Episode 38 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 38

Hello viewers! This is Kurulus Osman Episode 38. My man attacked Osman to save Yavlak Arsalan. But Yavlak betrayed us. Nikola said to Geyhatu. When Flatius came back and told Nickola that he was defeated by Osman and Yavlak helped him. So, Nikola understood the game. And went to Geyhatu. Geyhatu was surprised that Osman is coming here with Yavlak. But he also understood that Nikola’s all words are not true. But I will serrunder to you this time. To me? Of course. What are they trying to do, Flatius? They are going to elect the Bey. So, they are going to elect a Bey? While Osman is not around. So we are lucky. Right. Geyhatu will kill Osman. Yes you will. Then they are going to kill me, right? What is this? This is a letter from Geyhatu to the Kayi tribe. This is for Rome’s benefit.

What is in this, Nikola? Osman Geyhatu is getting stronger. He wants the throne of Tebriz now. The emperor likes Nikola. So, he will support by sending more troops. So I am saying that the circle is getting smaller for the Kayi tribe. Yavlak Arsalan said to Osman Bey. Do you want us to collaborate? Of course, we have to unite. This is the only thing I want from you. No Osman no! Geyhatu must die now. By any chance? What do you think? Is there a possibility for that? Yes because Geyhatu is a common enemy of both of them. It is Osman, Nikola. Flatius and Nikola were planning about Osman. Because Flatius was defeated by Osman. You are right. It is Osman. It won’t be good for us. Because he is a dangerous man. This is Kurulus Osman Episode 38. So, watch and Enjoy!

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