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Kurulus Osman Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 1

Kurulus Osman Episode 2

Salaam viewers! Here is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 2. This is the episode of Season 1. That is for one time, dear. Today is Eid. You know we wear fancy clothes and kiss each other. Daddy gives money and people give us sweets. Whee Eid! Enough! All this noise all morning! The kid got so scared, Alpay. But He should be thankful that I didn’t beat him. Come on get up, greet the kids for Eid. So Did you sacrifice as well, madam? But I prepared some pocket money for them here. Give these to them as their father, OK? They’re in front of the mirror. It’s been so long that you’ve been in Germany. But your mind is still in Gaziantep.

These traditions! Then We changed our place, not blood. So What are you talking about? What? Did I lose my blood? Well, if you take it that way… Breakfast is ready. If you take it… Surprise for my honey. It is an Eid pancake. But it is hot. Be careful. Whee! Actually, Seyit Ali likes toast. Defne, can you make some?

I don’t have time.

I will get dressed and leave. Defne, please, girl, come on. Wow, wow wow! It is an Eid table, huh? Alpay. Let me take a look at you. Thanks, you’ve proven me wrong. What are you talking about? It’s nice. Isn’t it for Eid? You’ve kept saying Eid since the morning. I’m sick of it. Can I kiss your hand, dad? Yeah, kiss. Mother’s son! What is it? It is Eid’s son. Have a seat. Here. This is your Eid sweet. It a bit salty though. What kind of a man are you?

Then How can you disappoint a kid like this! Listen, so you are the one making these kids confused. As if they would go and kiss their grandpa’s hand. But You teach them traditions and customs! Get these out of your head. It’s been 20 years. Forget about the mansion and the Karadags! They forgot your name but you are still stuck there. Don’t shout, Alpay.

Shut up for God’s sake or I’ll hit you. It is enough! Dad! What! What are you doing? Are you protecting your mum? Of course, I am. Get back before I smash you! Stop it for God’s sake. Son, you too. He is your father. He? What are you saying? Kerem, son. Have a seat, son. it is Eid. Come on, son, Kerem. Stupid! Kerem, please. See. The foreman is calling. So Let’s hope that he doesn’t dock my pay. Come on, Ali. Don’t call him Ali. So His name is Seyit Ali. Ali, come on son. Chop chop! Hurry up, sit here. Eid money. Wait, let me give him his money. Where are you? I couldn’t leave home. What is this? Handkerchief. Shame on you! Are you that mean? You want my kids’ pocket money now? How do I put food on that table? How? Of course, you can’t.

You have your gamble and drink first.

c You’ve ruined my life. I am sick and tired of you. Let’s figure it out then. What do you say? Let’s see how it will be. OK. Don’t. Let’s figure it out. OK? Let’s do it. Let’s see how it will be. Stop it! He is so scared. Don’t do it. He is so scared. Stop it. Come on! Mum. Son. Mum, be patient. I will be in the game today. The coach will watch me and take me on the team. You won’t have to work again. Then You won’t worry about the money I promise. I promise. You will have a good life.

Son, you study and stand on your own feet. Be good, be happy. This is all I want. Pray for me. Of course, I will. But you can handle it. Come on. May God help you, son. Be careful. My beautiful mother. My beautiful daughter. I want something, mum. What is it, dear? There will be a three-day school trip. They will go to Budapest, Vienna, and lots of other places. All my friends are going. Can I join them? Please. When is it, dear?

It’s out of the blue!

It’s out of the blue! It isn’t. It was planned but I forgot to tell you. All my friends are going, mum. How much? So Fifty euros is enough. Thank you. I love you so much. I love you so much. Defne! I didn’t say OK, dear. And where is the permission letter? What permission, mum? Didn’t they send some letters from school? But They can’t take you without parental permission. But Even the kindergarten wants a signature for Seyit Ali. Mum, Seyit Ali is very young I’m in high school. I will be of age in two months. What permission is this?

Let’s not argue, dear. Then I’m late for work. Get the letter tonight. If your dad says OK, you can go. Mum. Eat something, and leave. I’m late. Mum. Got you! yeah Got you! Got you! What are you saying, brother Huseyin?

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