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Kurulus Osman Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 1

Kurulus Osman Episode 1

Salaam viewers! Here is the review of Kurulus Osman Episode 1. This is the episode of Season 1.”Let us end our hatred, jealousy, malice, and be united.” “We serve our gratitude to God Almighty for this blessed Eid.” “Eid Mubarak.” hey Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak, son. You too Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak. hello Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak. Brother, Eid Mubarak. -Eid Mubarak, Ahmet. -Thanks, brother. Wow, wow, wow! Eid Mubarak. Thank you, Hafiz. But I hope to God we live to see next year. Amen. With its joy, Seyid Ali, with its joy. So, Cumali, another Eid, eh? Thank God! Yes, thank God. May God accept it.

So You follow your custom again. It is our duty, Hafiz. It is not Eid if we don’t share. Right. I hope to God we don’t lose our joy. Amen. Amen. May God accept your charity. But, the greatest charity is to greet each other. Come on, greet and hug each other, so that we can enjoy the food. Hafiz, I wouldn’t shake hands with or hug the one who destroyed my life. Isn’t this a shame Uncle Cumali! Everyone should mind their own shame. Pull yourself together.

You can’t do that when our father is here.

You can’t do that when our father is here. I am sorry. No. Don’t be. We are the ones who need to be sorry. Come on, come on. Why did you stop me, brother? So We can’t just watch it happen to our father. What should I have done? Let you fight Uncle Cumali? That’s unbecoming! Didn’t you see it? He didn’t shake my dad’s hand. Enough. Know your place. Think before you talk. That man is my childhood, my youth. But father… Stop it! I will be in the mansion. See? Come on. Reyhan, this is done. I’m coming, ma’am. Make room for the meat. Dear God. Until don’t forget the sherbets. Of course ma’am. Tell my dear Bride that the table is ready.

She can come. Oh, Auntie! But I just wanted to take a little nap. Why didn’t you knock on the door? I could’ve helped you. Helped you my foot! We did it, dear, have a seat. Your father will be here now. Enjoy. Come on, boys, Seyid Ali, it’s ready. Come. Wow, wow, wow! You’ve killed it on food, Sultan Nefise. Looks great! Everyone is here so let’s enjoy it. Everyone is never here. Huh? What did you say, sister? Your plate, I said. No, then let’s eat it from the pan, it gets cold. Come on, Husniye. What is this? Bogazalti Kebab. Take it away. Don’t be offended by the food. Sister, stop doing it to me. I have neither cooked it nor put it on my table for 20 years.

And you are still the same.

And you are still the same. She is not dead when you say she is. You can’t take her out of your heart. Nefise! You shouldn’t do that on Eid, the aunt. Kismet, dear it’s Melek’s birthday. Damn her! I wish she was dead. Then Her shame would be gone with her. Eid Mubarak. And enjoy your meal. You didn’t prepare anything. Defne! Son, get the boy down. So He’ll fall off your back. Girl, don’t you hear me? Turn it off, Defne. Where is the remote? What is it, mom? Didn’t I tell you to set the table? I want one thing from you and you never do it. I will be late for work for God’s sake! I’m trying to practice the song. But You’ve ruined my concentration. What concentration?

You sing of the tune! Like you are an athlete with your sit-ups! You’ll see! Then Even Ilhan Mansiz will ask for my autograph. But My name will be in the history of football. The crazy Turk! You’ll see it then. Learn how to spell your name first! Hello! Defne, you’re making me mad! What is it, Kerem? Hello? OK, it is over. Enough. Mummy, pee. Run, run. Run, you can do it yourself. You grew up. Then put on your new clothes. Also, football is played in the field. You just burn fat at home. Don’t you like it! Kerem look at you! You are soaking wet! Take a shower now, now. Get up.

Leave that.

Leave that. Set the breakfast table. So Put the olive and cheese on the table. Make the tea. Wash your hands before you touch anything. Eid Mubarak, dad. Mum, Mum, look I’ve put them on! Let me see. You look so handsome. My honey can dress by himself. He is a grown-up now. But I couldn’t tuck it in. OK, we can do it together. Oh, the buttons run towards the wrong places. Buttons? There are no buttons here. Did they run away? Let me see. I’ve caught it now. Here. My son is so handsome. Where are we going? To the circumcision ceremony or Samet?

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